Interprofessional Certificates of Distinction


Interprofessional Certificates of Distinction


**Please note that Certificates of Distinction are on hold until further notice. We will not be accepting applications for 2016-2017.


The Centre for Interprofessional Education launched the Certificate of Distinction Program in 2013 due to expressed interest in longitudinal interprofessional relationships and learning experiences by students and faculty. As well, they have identified the value of engaging in enhanced opportunities with specific themes. Students wishing more intensive collaborative learning opportunities may apply to complete one of the following Interprofessional Certificates of Distinction:

  1. Interprofessional Management of Chronic Health Challenges
    PDF icon2015 - 2016 Interprofessional Management of Chronic Health Criteria and Electives Catalog.pdf

  2. Interprofessional Health, Arts & Humanities
    PDF icon2015-2016 Health Arts and Humanities Certificate Criteria and Elective Catalog.pdf

  3. Interprofessional Quality and Safety

    2015 - 2016 Quality and Safety Certificate Criteria and Elective Catalog.pdf

Each certificate program will provide students with deeper learning and experiences that will support enhanced patient/client care and leadership skills.

In order to receive a Certificate of Distinction, students must complete an introductory module or activity, a specified number of elective learning activities (recognized by the Centre for Interprofessional Education), a leadership/professionalism module or activity, and a team project. Each of the learning opportunities leading to certification will be available to all students in any of the 11 health science professions. These learning activities will be recognized as meeting the requirements of both the IPE Curriculum/Program and Certificate of Distinction Program.

Each of these Certificate Programs will be reviewed annually. The process will involve the collection of stakeholder feedback (students, working group, InterFaculty Curriculum Committee, facilitators, etc). For an elective learning activity to be recognized within the Interprofessional Education Curriculum, a formal application must be submitted to the Centre for Interprofessional Education, University of Toronto. Please see Elective Approval Process (PIPEs) for more information.

Student Testimonials

What did you enjoy most about your Interprofessional Certificate of Distinction Program?

"I most enjoyed the ability to focus on a specific area of interest and develop specific skills that I am looking forward to applying in the future" -Speech-Language Pathology Student, 2015

"Overall, I found the certificate of distinction in Chronic Health to be very beneficial to my learning, and really complimented my work in the social work program.  A lot of my work was done in the community, therefore it was beneficial when I began my hospital placement to have an opportunity to learn more about the different professionals with whom I was interacting." -Social Work Student, 2015

"Opportunity for integration of the arts and health care and an appreciation for the importance of this interaction." -Medicine Student, 2015

"I enjoyed mostly the interprofessional activities where I was able to meet people who spoke from experience, either former patients or health care providers and where the students were able to practice different scenarios to improve interprofessional communication and patient care." -Nursing Student, 2015


If you have any questions regarding the IP Certificate of Distinction Programs, please contact