Centre Membership

In recognition of the many contributions of the Centre for IPE community, we launched a Centre Membership Program in 2012.

Levels of membership include GENERAL, RESEARCH, EDUCATOR and ASSOCIATE.

Membership is free and anyone (e.g. academic faculty, healthcare providers, administrators, researchers, students, etc.) can apply to become a member.  

The Centre for IPE will offer members various benefits, including recognition, networking opportunities and invitations to events.

Please click on MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION for categories and criteria and to submit your online application.

Current Membership


Michal Basch, University Health Network

Marion Briggs, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Carrie Clark, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Laura D’Alimonte, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Krista Dawdy, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Collette Deveau, St. Michael’s Hospital

Jennifer D'Onofrio, University Health Network

Linn East, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Eleni Geroulis, University Health Network

Miriam Granek, University of Toronto

Denise Hervias, University Health Network

Christine Homonylo, College of Physicians & Surgeons Of Ontario

Denise Lai, Humber River Hospital

Karen Moline, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Susan Morris, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Michelle Nelson, Bridgepoint Health

Navjot Rai, University of Toronto, Student

Debbie Rolfe, University Health Network

Rosemarie Sagun, St. Joseph's Health Centre

Courtney Sas, St. Michael's Hospital

Jennifer Shaffer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Jodi Skinner, St. Michael's Hospital

Angela Turner, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Lisa Di Prospero, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Siobhan Donaghy, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Jennifer Mendez, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Carole Sander, University Health Network

Daniel Shafran, University of Toronto

Ewa Szumacher, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


Michelle Addison, St. Joseph’s Care Group - Thunder Bay

Jennifer Clifford, Trillium Health Partners

Lisa Harper, Trillium Health Partners

Dale Kuehl, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Patrice Latka, University of British Columbia

Elizabeth McLaney, Sunnybrook Health Sciences centre

Anna Marie Sneath, Providence Healthcare


Ivan Silver, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health